SoftekSim - Flight Simulator Manufacturer

SoftekSim provides wide spectrum of training and simulation devices:
  • Flight simulators of all types of aircraft: commercial airliners, business aircraft, light aircraft and helicopters;
  • EASA/FAA/ICAO certification
  • ATC simulators, Tower environment, up to a 360° panoramic view;
  • Military simulators: fast jet training, helicopter training, land forces armored vehicle training;
  • Marine simulators.

All simulators are tailored for client's individual needs.

Simulators main features:

  • Any level of difficulty, up to FFS level D;
  • Designed for client's tasks and requirements (dimensions, equipment, functions);
  • Up to 360° panoramic view of environment;
  • Optional 6 DoF motion platform;
  • Decent quality;
  • Beneficial financial condition;
  • Warranty period of 2 years with subsequent maintenance + extended warranty.


Why SoftekSim:

  • We offer not only a generic solution, but individual approach in design and development of Flight Simulator in accordance with your requirements;
  • High level of replication of simulated aircraft - interior, instrument panel, aerodynamics, original parts can be implemented to increase the feeling of real aircraft cabin;
  • SoftekSim simulators are cost-effective solutions with low operational and after-warranty costs;
  • large experience in development of Flight Simulation Training Devices with certification in accordance with EASA and ICAO standards.