SoftekSim manufacture Flight Simulation Training Devices of different aircraft – airplanes and helicopters.
Please contact us with your requirements to Simulator you need.

Below are main product categories with estimated prices, inclusive delivery, installation and documentation.

Simulator of Light Single Engine and Multi Engine Airplane, convertible simulators

Tecnam P2006T, Tecnam P2010, C172, Seneca, Duchess, DA40 and DA42, and other SEP or MEP aircraft. EASA FNPTII certification level.

Simulator of complex aircraft

C90/B200/350, Airbus/Boeing different modifications. EASA FNPT II MCC & APS MCC certification levels.

Type Rating simulators of complex Jet aircraft

Airbus/Boeing different modifications. Original Airbus/Boeing data packages. Original parts. Certifications FTD level 1, FTD level 2.

Glass Cockpit Trainer

Low cost Flight simulator / Glass Cockpit trainer. Full set, Single pilot. SEP & MEP configurations.
Meets AATD requirements and can be certified to FNPT I (extra fee applied for QTG documentation preparation)

Virtual Reality Flight Simulator

Virtual Reality Flight Simulator (VRFS) is the Flight Training Device, where for vision system used Virtual Reality, which include the terrestrial and celestial sceneries along with visual appearance of the cockpit.
Equivalent of VR training devices used at USAF campus.

Computer Based Training Systems

Development of Computer Based Training Systems of requested aircraft. Interactive training for pilots and maintenance engineers. Multiple choice questionnaires. Possibility to manage the CBTS content. Classroom Management System.

Pre-orders for FFS

Full Flight Simulators. Certification up to level D. Special payment conditions for the first orders.